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If your looking for a Dentist in Novi, Novi Dentist, Dentist Novi, you have come to the right place. Our Novi Dentist treat patients with benign cysts and tumors of the mouth and face, as well as people with Dentist in Novi, head and neck cancer, Dentist Novi, salivary glands, jaws and neck.

A Dentist Novi can diagnose and treat Novi Dentist disorders, including those caused by temporomandibular joint(Dentist in Novi)problems. Your oral surgeon can order imaging studies of the joints and make appropriate referrals to other dental and medical specialists, or a physical therapist. When non-surgical treatment is insufficient or there is definite joint damage, your oral surgeon may suggest surgery.

Dentist in Novi

With a Dentist Novi can remove impacted and damaged teeth and provide in-office anesthesia services, including Novi Dentist sedation and general anesthesia. In collaboration with a cosmetic or restorative Dentist in Novi who designs your new smile or restorations, your oral surgeon can help with the planning and subsequent placement of your tooth implants. Novi Dentist can reconstruct bone in areas requiring it for implant placement and, when necessary or desired, modify gum tissue around the implants to produce a more natural and attractive appearance. Oral surgeons can repair minor-to-complex facial skin lacerations, set fractured jaw and facial bones, reconnect severed nerves and treat other facial injuries involving the oral tissues, jaws, cheek and nasal bones, eye sockets, and the Dentist Novi.

Novi Dentist

An oral surgeon is an important link in your Dentist in Novi network of primary care providers. When functional Dentist Novi concerns – such as keeping teeth, overcoming congenital growth issues, controlling serious oral disease and treating trauma-related damage – supersede esthetics, oral surgeons are the appropriate dental specialists with whom to seek a referral.

Novi Dentist, orthodontists, pediatric dentists and medical physicians usually serve as the referrers. Dentist in Novi often work hand-in-hand with oral surgeons to develop orthotics and prosthetic appliances to treat a number of functional issues. However, it’s important to note that whenever surgery involves the face, a Novi Dentist should also be consulted as part of the dental team. Some patients also may wish to consult with a Dentist in Novi.