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Looking for a Shelby Dentist, a Dentist Shelby, or a dentist in Shelby?

Where is the Dentist in Shelby office located? / What are the office hours of the Shelby Dentist?
Are they convenient to your schedule? Do they offer early mornings, evenings? Consider if it would be more convenient to have the Shelby Dentist office located near your work or home. A big part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums is simply being able to make it to your regular appointments. If it would be easiest for you to pop over to your Dentist in Shelby during your lunch hour a location near your work may make sense.

Does the Shelby Dentist practice offer new patient specials or do anything to show appreciation for current patients?
Many practices will offer an introductory discount for new patients on cleanings and exams. Some practices also have promotions in place to show their appreciation for current Dentist Shelby patients, whether it is a monthly patient drawing or referral incentives.


Dentist Shelby

So now that you have narrowed down your list, take time to call the office to ask some questions and possibly make an appointment to see the facility and meet the dentist. Here are some things to ask and look for at this stage:

What type of anesthesia is the Dentist in Shelby certified to administer?
What is the dentist’s approach to helping patients feel more comfortable in the chair? Whether or not the dentist offers oral sedation may be of particular consideration for those who have a fear of going to the Dentist Shelby.

What type of ongoing training/continuing education do the Shelby Dentist doctors
participate in?
How often? Make sure the dentist you choose stays up to date with the latest advancements in dental care.


Shelby Dentist

What happens in the case of an emergency?
Does the Dentist in Shelby practice you are considering have emergency hours or do they refer the care elsewhere?

Are treatment Shelby Dentist plans discussed up front and cost estimates given?
When discussing treatment, are the plans covered in detail so you know what to expect, how many visits the treatment will take, how much time? Are you given accurate estimates up front with your Dentist Shelby? Are your questions answered clearly?